Fallen off the wagon?

If you’ve ever been derailed while on a new plan or goal, don’t be discouraged. It’s normal for life to happen and come along to interfere with our best intentions. Don’t feel discouraged or upset, this happens to the best of us. George Washington, Walt Disney, Colonel Sanders, Lady Gaga and your favorite idol have all fallen off the wagon and gotten knocked off when they least expected.

Know that you’re in good company and that this is life’s way of sharpening your blade. It’s a lesson in contrast to remind you of the old alternatives, what you decided to change by starting your new direction. And like athletes, musicians, professionals, yogis and little leaguers, to get back to your training, by practice. We’re human, not robots and that means we’re creatures created with flexibility. It’s that quality, to repair when we brake, to rise from the ashes, to forgive and forget, that makes us special. Celebrate your ability to see the contrast, set the course right once again, walk your talk and practice, practice, practice.

welcome the day : : send out LOVE












Every morning, when you stir under the covers and your eyes crack open to welcome the day, think of all the things you love and send that love back into the world. It will lift your mood, improve your outlook and keep you in a wonderful spirit, and even more so as you continue to send love into the world for the day.

Stopping for coffee on the way to work and there’s a clog getting a parking space? Step back, enjoy that you can drive a car, and go to whatever place you chose for your morning jolt, and love that you have that option in your life. Overlook the clog, remember your heavenly nectar is just a few steps away from warming your stomach and your heart.

Capture that feeling, the one that makes you feel good and send the love back out there. It’ll come back ten-fold, I promise!

Go out of your comfort zone

It does a girl good to go beyond the “same old.” Today is the Architectural Digest Home Design Show here in new York. Frustrated architect that I am (even wanted to go back to school for it 10 years ago after 20 years in graphic design) I’m joining friends and associates for the day to inspire my “interior design” pants off!

It’s good to get out of your element. Mine is communication design so venturing into interiors is a wonderful change for me. Out of my comfort zone because I don’t do this everyday, but when I do, I love what happens to me. New blood starts flowing, my senses open up to new directions and I come away feeling thoroughly titillated!
Getting out of your comfort zone doesn’t have to mean doing something painful, it can also mean going in a different direction. Something you don’t ordinarily do.

I’ll post pics afterwards to share the beauty of the day. I’m sure it won’t disappoint. Now go out and get out of YOUR comfort zone. Every day is a beautiful day to do this.

the new issue is here!

The new baby has arrived: Mental Messages Magazine, volume2 issue1 is here! Usher it in with the birth of springtime, when seeds blossom into saplings, eventually becoming our mighty oaks.

Join us as we salute the dreams within us all. The best place to do so is here and now. Thanks for the loyalty and don’t be shy with your feedback, either through email talktous@mentalmessages.com or in the comment section below the postings!


once in a while we get stuck…

And the best way to shake stuck is to do something completely different. In this guys case, ask to go for a walk. Find your new ball and throw it around. Nudge your human to put peanut butter in your bone. Change creates a shift in your mind and that distraction is the very thing you need move your thoughts onto other aspects of life that open you up to different feelings and thoughts. That “difference” is what causes change. Once we have an alternative experience, hence shift, or change, we’ve engaged an alternative experience, creating a different mood than before. When fido has the feeling that opportunity still exists, he or she can go back out out into the woods and veer around those pesky trees to  re-enter on the better side of life! Woof!

the art of possibility

In the face of difficulty, we can despair, get angry … or choose possibility. This wonderful little gem of a book by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander will make your life feel like one of infinite possibility! We’ve had this on our shelves for the past decade, and even the title and cover alone get me excited. A great read. A great inspiration. A great friend. 

better OR worse

Focusing on what’s wrong in your life just magnifies it and will set your life’s course in the wrong direction FAST.

We can’t necessarily change the wrong things, or at least not right away. But when you  give them your focus, they become larger than you think and can ultimately overpower you. Why focus on the problems when you can exude the same time and energy focusing on the great things in your life (it feels better to think about the things that make you feel good rather than the things that make you feel bad, right?) Because when you focus on the blessings, the challenges and disappointments fade right into the horizon.

Take stock in all you’re grateful for, make a list of these things and you’ll suprise yourself at how quickly your perspective will change. That huge weight on your shoulder? POOF! It’ll quickly melt away. :)